Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deja vu week

At the start of each semester the first week is spent looking over the syllabus for each class.  We discuss expectations and assignments that will happen over the course of the semester. This semester I also have a unique situation, deja vu. Last year at this time I was in the same classes and even had a lot of the same professors.  Then a month in I had my life changed forever when I had major surgery and multiple complications.  So as I sit in class I feel like I have been there before, since I have been.  The feeling of deja vu often makes me feel like it is God telling me I am in the right place though.

This first week as we have been doing a lot of the boring syllabus reading I had a great lesson about what the professor called "active learning."  When we sit in class and listen we are only doing a tiny bit of learning.  As we go out on our own and do other activities we learn from experience.  So what does this mean for me?  In order to learn more effectively and naturally I will need to take the information we discuss in class and carry it into real life.  After learning about this I want to try for the whole semester to apply this learning model so that I assimilate more of the information into usable knowledge.

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