Friday, January 16, 2009

New apartment new semester

So I have been in school and in my new apartment for 2 weeks now and there are some definite pros and cons. First I really like this new ward a ton more than my old ward. I went for an entire semester in my old ward and when the summer started people were still asking if I had just moved in, that is if they even talked to me at all. This new ward I already have made some new friends and there is even a cute girl that I am going to have to ask out sometime. Next I have a freaking hot tub! So people can come over and hang out in it anytime they want and just the other day I went in and worked out the soreness from my weekly basketball game that I missed for about a month so when I went again it about killed me. Funny part of that is that the already mentioned girl from the ward was also there with her roommate. Good times. The biggest downside is that I miss seeing Rob, Lilly, Maggie and Henry all the time. Maggie and Henry are the funnest little kids to play with and I loved walking in and having Maggie run up and start asking me what I was doing with Henry close in tow. I also miss talking with Rob and Lilly about how life is going so I will have to find my way over there from time to time. Oh also my Mom and Dad want to find a house here in Utah so everyone should keep their eyes open for good ones that they could look at. Another thing to keep your eyes open for... a new job my is cutting my hours lately and it is not cool at all. So hopefully I can figure that out and work somewhere awesome.


  1. It sounds like you are happy at your new place....even though there are some drawbacks. Good luck with your endeavors!!! ;)

  2. You can come hang if you get bored. Aunt Shelly is a Realtor so have your mom talk to her. Are they thinking about moving completely or keeping the house in snowflake too?

  3. DAVIE! We miss you too! How grateful I am for dirty laundry. Hopefully it won't be long till we're all together again in a new improved situation...